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Most enjoyable! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.
You know, I LOVE this for the topic. You can't get more oulandish than John the Baptist, the locusts, long hair. You have so much in this (all Biblical). I didn't catch on in the beginning who you were referring to (but I should have). Then with a reread, it was ALL there. I really enjoyed this!
I was clueless at the start... Very clever writing! Yes, John the Baptist had a one-track mind!
A really creative take on the topic. The beginning had me cringing...very descriptive!
This was fun. I love the beginning. Starting with something so small and insignificant, but real (and, yes, gross) was quite effective. Your transition to huge (He had mountains and valleys to level) was excellent. The last paragraph was fine, but I would have preferred more of your good story. (Let them figure it out.) Well done!