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Other than a couple of minor errors (pailed instead of paled) I think you did a nice take on this. Nowadays politics in general seem to be outlandish and you took it one step further. Nice storyline ^
Ha! "An Honest Politician" - isn't that an oxymoron?
Nice story. Keep writing.
This is the kind of political story in the news all the time. It is really hard to find the facts; instead, of the commentary or unproven remarks by another candidate.

I agree with Bonnie, it is so hard to know what is fact and what is slanted or downright slander when it comes to politicians. You did a great job with your story1 God bless!
i like the title because it does seem outlandish that a politician would be honest and upright and above board. We have the same issues in the UK. Good way to tell the story and show that maybe we should and could and need true Christian politicians.