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Thank you for your article. I have a dear family member dealing with bipolar. It hasn't been easy for them. Thankfully our family has surrounded them with love and support. But it is still very hard. So much is unknown and it a hard topic to tackle. I hope you will take the chance to share more in later writings.
amen to this :-) good choice of topic and some very very powerful descriptions. The title made me turn to this one first out of the level one entries so i cannot compare it with the others yet..... but think it is winners material.
Alot of information poured into this piece. You are so right, mental illness has had a stigma and we need to be compassionate and willing to give grace to others who face sicknesses,etc. If someone has a physical illness we are more apt to accept someone but if it is a chemical imbalance we're not as understanding or loving. Good job in writing this!
What an apt title. The stigma of mental illness is rampant and in some churches it is still looked at as sin in the person's life. In a few cases, it is caused by sin in a person's life or by the worried well.

I am not too sure that emptying out all the mental hospitals was such a good idea, either. If an illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder is not helped by medicines, the person usually ends up out in the streets or in a prison. At least in a hospital a person had food and a place to stay.

The truth is that people with a mental illness have contributed greatly to our society. Many individuals with creative careers such as musicians, artists, or writers are more likely to have some form of mental illness, especially depression.

Thank you for a well written article. Let us pray that the Church will step up with compassion to those in need--mental or physical.
You did a great job on this difficult topic, often people will want to find someone to blame. When my aunt committed suicide my grandparents blamed each other for " passing it on" I went through a serious depression and last many friends. Some because if it could happen to me they realized it could happen to them as well. Nice job, hopefully the more people talk about it, the less embarrassing it will be.