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I felt this story flowed well and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing from your heart.
This is definitely a 'peach' of a story! How sweet, how poignant. Your descriptions put the reader into the pathos and the hope in this woman's heart. Your images are sheer poetry. Excellent read!
Beautiful! Poignant! You might want to consider submitting it for the Hope book that is being published to provide Bibles for those effected by the hurricane. No monetary compensation but it seems to be the type of writing that they are looking for. Read about it on freelance opportunities thread on FW forum
Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God. This scene resembles the one in America now as people do what they can to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina find hope, peace, and a new life after the disaster. But God is always watching and the fruit for all those who labour is on the way! Thanks for sharing.
What a beautifully told story. Thank you for sharing this special piece.
This was very well done. In the midst of so much suffering, God is there and He cares for His children. Thank you so much for sharing.
Authors note: This is based on a true story, a small example of God’s abundant grace in times of scarcity and desperation. During WWII, all foodstuffs and manufactured goods in Britain were strictly rationed, and especially for those living in the towns and cities, fresh fruit was not available at all - what fruit there was normally came tinned. The fruits we can so freely buy now, such as the peach, could not be shipped from abroad because of the U-Boat activity in the Atlantic at that time. Thanks for the lovely comments every one. God bless.
Powerful message and well written.
well written story!
Sometimes our Father really does bless us extra-specially, doesn't He! This was lovely. Well done.
I love how a practiced ear can discern every word that the Still, Small Voice utters. This was so beautifully written - definitely a winner!
I enjoyed this. How obedient to that still small voice... a reminder that we all need to do the same. Great setting...good choice...enjoyable reading
Touching and well written. I could have read even more. I really enjoyed it.
Ali, Congratulations on your 3rd place Level 1 award, and more importantly, your 5th place in the Editors' Choice. Time to move up to Level 2. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Ali, this is beautiful! I especially love her thankful heart in the midst of catastrophe.
Congratulations, Alex. This is a heartwarming story and thanks for the insight as to how it came to be written. God is faithful, our Shepherd and Provider. You captured this so well. What a blessing.

The year in which this story takes place is the year I was born. I know my parents had ration cards, but since I was so young, I had no knowledge of their personal sacrifices. This story gives me another reason to admire my parents and thank God for caring for my family during such difficult times.

A deserving win that honors God. A blessing to read. Karen