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This is so emotive. How many sometimes feel this way??
I like that you ended it so sadly -gives a bite of reality of the world we live in-where we don't always notice those hurting around us! However- I REALLY don't like that it ended this way- only as it leaves me wishing I could sit with this lady and hold her hand to tell her she had other options! I THINK- thats what you maybe be trying to evoke in the reader:)
I really like this article, It hits home for a lot of us. The ending kinda left me hanging. I can't help feeling there was a rescue in her future. thanks for the courage to write this.
Thank you for sharing how many people walk around wearing a mask that they hide behind.

Unfortunately, the pills aren't the answer or solution either. Many people who end up in the ER have tried to attempt suicide. When they wake up, their problems remain.

Please reach out to a Christian doctor or therapist if depression is overwhelming. Sometimes we can't feel Christ's love shining from the darkness.
Very powerful story. I have heard of women inside the church who are suffering silently from abuse. Their scars are not visible. It seems to me that even though God intervened first with the song to remind her of His love, protection and mercy and the phone ringing, this woman is going to go through with taking her life. What a shame. God is greater than any problem or pain. All we have to do is reach out and cling to Him and He will bring us through those dark moments and into His marvelous light.