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Good story.
After the sentence that reads: "Mary frowned..." please check the next sentence for spelling/grammar. Other than that, good job.
I like how this story shows how one person being willing to allow their heart to be outgoing can make just one person rethink their choices:) Good lesson actually.
This is always such a hard choice topic. I know several that the doctors told to abort and they have perfectly normal children. Only God knows for sure and it is Great that you showed that God uses us even in our weakness.
You are writing about a very important topic. Many people believe that baby's born with a disability will be "less than" or "undesirable" if born. The truth is that many of our most important people, like Beethoeven, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, and others actually contributed a lot to society.

I believe you meant the baby was eight weeks along, not eight weeks pregnant.