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I loved the gardening scene, the relational connections kissed with spiritual insights. I did read it twice to get the message. Maybe there were too many layers for the length that the piece required? But it was lovely.
Beautiful imagery and descriptions. I would really love to read this as a novel; all about Aunt Laurel and the niece and little Tom-Tom, her property sounds divine :-) Forgive me for asking, but is the blowout tied in with the blooms on the flowers, or the niece's possible marriage, (or something else?). Fantastic writing, I really enjoyed this!
Enjoyed the gardening entwined devotional. Well done.
I loved the characters in the story. I can invision such a beautiful garden and the truths that spring forth.

I wasn't sure how it tied into this week's theme, but I sure enjoyed reading it.
Nice Job! I enjoyed walking in this garden, very descriptive. Might want to focus on just one aspect of this lovely story and maybe make use of that spell checker. Loved this!
Oh, also I LOVED ..wee hand in gloved hand...
You did a nice job with all of the lovely descriptions It reminded me of Gone with the Wind.

I'd love to know more about the characters The descriptions of the garden were were delightful butI guess I'm more of a people person. I did see a hard time tying this in with the topic but perhaps you used it in away I'm not familiar.

You definitely put your heart into your writing, that is very easy to see. Nice job