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yes this is good, yet needs more!! more about patience. Every person in the world suffers from the lack of it at soome time or another. The more you write about this the more you will bless others with your words.
You've got a good little daily devotional here. Maybe part of a whole book of them?
oh fruits of patience ... i do always need that. Praise God.
This was a tasty article. I liked the part about how fruit can look good on the outside, but be rottenish on the inside. That is really true--we struggle and sometimes cover up how we really feel inside sometimes. I am so glad that as we abide in the vine--we can bear MUCH fruit--getting rid of the nasties. I think that although it was fairly short--the point was clearly made. God bless ya, littlelight
This is a really nice little devotional, and I like the comparisons. Patience is a fruit that I sometimes struggle with, but this was very uplifting. God bless.
Thankyou for the reminder of patience. It is a fruit of the spirit that I struggle with too. I agree with the others - it's a great devotional piece!
This is a very nice devotion. I really liked it! I think you should write more of them.