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Interesting POV! This story is not usually told from the rich man's viewpoint.
I don't think I would go as far as to say the rich man was a follower of Christ and given power to heal. As far as we know from the Scriptures, he was in hell. Be sure to represent the Bible accurately.
It's good writing and has a powerful message. Keep writing!
The way you retold this chapter really tugged at my heart. You did a nice job transporting to Biblical times.
Dee, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I am also passionate about the accuracy of God's Word, but I should have done it more discretely. Sorry.
I reread this today and saw the comments that I didn't read before and wanted to add my thoughts to this. I remember talking to my minister about this very story. Usually when I hear Lazarus from the Bible I think of Jesus' best friend whom he brought back to life.

But this Lazarus is a whole different breed as you pointed out. He oozed with arrogance; even after he found himself in Hell he looked over and demanded that Father Abraham send the beggar that he stepped over while alive to dip his finger in water and place it in his mouth to cool him off. When that requested was denied he wanted someone to warn his brothers but would that really have helped? He didn't ask that his brothers be told of the true one and only God he just didn't want to see them in he'll too.

I remember looking at my minister and shaking my head I said it kind of sounds like he's sorry and my minister replied he's sorry where he ended up but he still has all of the arrogance to order Father Abraham around; he still thinks he's better than everybody

I said if I were in he'll I'd be sobbing and telling God I'm so sorry I messed up. My minister smiled and pointed at me and said "Exactly! You would get it, you wouldn't still order your servants around. "

I think sometimes when naive people like me hear that story we think that surely Lazarus must have repented eventually, surely it would knock his arrogance out of him. We know right away he was still arrogance in him but maybe he did start to repent. But one thing after witnessing He'll and seeing Father Abraham and knowing he messed up while a blind beggar landed on the other side I have to imagine he knew who God was he was just to arrogant to think the laws applied to him.

I still think you did a great job and part of writing fiction is imagining what might be in someone's mind. Whether you managed to mail his thoughts exactly or missed the mark completely you made people think and imagine what they might do in the MC's place. I know I don't think like most people do but I know my thoughts and words make others stop and possibly think in a new way.

You've done that here as well. Maybe the comments of others help us to stretch our minds even more. No one but God has all of the answers but we should keep on expressing ourPOV.