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An important topic to think about, and well written. Great job.
I'm afraid you are right. Only with God's help can marriage survive.
Plumb lines and a good foundation. Thanks for a well written devotional.
You make such a good point with this piece. The best pre-marriage advice we were given, "Don't even joke about affairs or divorce, don't let it have any foothold in your home." We're coming up to 8 years, and still going strong. It's all too easy to be influenced by others in today's world. This is a wonderful reminder that we are in the world but not of it, and that Christ is our model for life. Well done.
Clear message. Get a proof reader, have the essay read by someone else's eyes. Also, in early paragraphs, the switch to second person is distracting. With a little work this is probably material for a magazine article.
I like the thought that was put into this article on the idea that divorce can be contagious. This was very thought provoking.
This is a thought provoking topic,. There'sa theory called the Meme Theory that validates a lot of the points you made.

In a short piece like this try breaking it into smaller paragraphs That white space makes a difference to the reader. I'd like to hear some more of your story

I liked hew you talked about how TV influences our decisions,With just a little polishing you have the start of a great devotion. Nice job for first try. Keep writing and don't get discouraged you do have natural talent!
Your opening introduction hit the mark. I agree with Dub, a bit of editorial review would help to polish the article and remove some rough spots.
For ex. "Checking through my brain" may sound o.k. when said, but not when written. Or, a more concise way to say
"One of the couples" would be - "One couple." I like how you used the building concept to illustrate what it takes to have a lasting relationship.
I think this would make a great devotional. Well written, excellent description of the plumb line and how it's used.