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I really liked this! I'm sorry that I don't know much about poetry, to be able to give you an educated critique, but I can say that I thought the wording in this was beautiful. I found myself wanting to reread it several times to get the full meaning of each line.
This poem is just beautiful.
I love this! So lyrical and rich, and it just builds and builds towards that glorious last verse. BEAUTIFUL JOB!
Beautifully descriptive piece that imprints image after image on the reader's mind. I loved it! Well done.
I loved this the words are very powerful and descriptive. It builds beautifully to a peak. I found the word 'sifting' to be especially strong and if I have a suggestion for improving it would be to lace that through the entire piece also I think that I wanted more of a hint where we were heading toward the beginning. The flow of this poem is awesome and the message- perfect!
Very beautiful. Like others have said, the imagery, the main idea of getting rid of the weeds - returning to the way we were created to be - just beautiful.
Beautiful Ali - just beautiful.
Very nice; I especially like the image of sifting and sifting again. Unique and visually satisfying. (I wish I could write free verse!)
Nice imagery. We are like those seeds- some withering, some choked by the "weeds of life", some poisoned by their own vices, and some that grow under the Savior's protection.
This is a beautiful bit of poetry! Thanks for sharing!
I think this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. Beautiful work!
You have talent for poetry! Very nicely done. :)
Nicely written. You have a flare for writing poetry.
Wow Ali, this is fantastic! I hope you have a winner here. The imagery and the rhythm are great.
I too especially like the recurring sifting image! The last statement is a fitting crown for the poem too! Well done!!
Yes, its not enough just to grow where planted, but must work to run the race set before us. To become what He wants us to be. Free to bloom. Very nice work!
the fascinating thing about good poetry is how everyone see something different in it! Well done. I particularly liked the first and the last three stanzas. Yeggy
A very nice poem
Ali, congratulations on your 3rd Place in the Level 1 awards, as well as your 7th Place in the Editors' Choice. Both very well deserved. Wonderful to see poetry placing quite often these days - and wonderful to see your poem in the winner's circle.

Time to move up to Level 2 Ali! You're ready.

Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)