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There are too many Tony's in the world today. I liked how you wove in the message of eternity in your story. The ending summed up your story perfectly.
Really great story. I liked how casually the receiptionist handled her witness opportunity.

A tip: on dialogue, it's usually best just to stick with "said" or even no tag at all.

Hope to read more stories from you!
Most of us have sat in his seat before. Very good story and effective use of more than one character contributing to the plot and storyline.
Great first line. I enjoyed the dialogue. Gails character did a good job of witnessing; the distinction you make of not if but where we spend eternity is a good one. Also, the MC was one I could identify with.

A minor thing many of the dialogue tags contributed, but sometimes having no tag at all might be more effective. (Gail, the receptionist, sensed his unsettled state. The doctor or, later, It can. could end with no tag.) JMHO.

Good flow, a fast, interesting read; I enjoyed this story. Thank you for writing it.
The setting is believable and one I understand all too well. Your story is clearly on topic and presents a good message. Well done.
I enjoyed this. Waiting in a doctor's office for just a regular appt can feel like forever, but waiting to possibly hear bed news. . . I enjoyed how the receptionist was form but kind. Nice story.
Really great storytelling here. Work a bit on slimming down your story - choose one strong word instead of three and see how your story will pop. Well done.
this was good work. I think we all know a Tony or maybe even can relate to the character. The dialogue between the receptionist and tony was clever. I am just struck by how this type of conversation would probably not be allowed in the UK between a doctors receptionists and a patient and also the Doctor would never be allowed to give a patient the results in the presence of the receptionist.
the title is great and the subject matter right on target. I really enjoyed this story.