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Very thought provoking piece. I especially liked the line about the lights have gone out in many people's lives...
I liked how you showed your own weaknesses and doubts, instead of just preaching to others about theirs.

A little more set up of the scene at the beginning (where you were cleaning when it happened, who else was supposed to be there, etc.) would have helped me visually your frightening situation.

Good job overall with this entry, hope to see more from you!
I enjoyed this story. I know that occasions of having a very real fear of death, and what comes after, are difficult to say the least. Yet I also know that those times help me to focus on what is important, which is exactly the point of your well written story. Thanks for reminding me!
i liked the way you tied up the theme of the lights going out and the end of the world. i think that an even better title for this than the one you used would be....... when the lights go out......
That is very similar to several experiences I used to and still at times get freaked out about. It's nice to know I just need to call on Jesus and he will come and tell Satan to leave me alone. You made some great points that I'm sure many people can relate to.
Congratulations for placing 12th in your level!