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Oh, I liked this. I was chuckling during the first paragraph, because that sounds EXACTLY like me in the morning, minus the dog. :) I wasn't expecting the turn it took, but it worked really well. I too wonder how many times God has unknowingly saved me from something similar.
I wonder how many times God has interceded in my life as well.

A well written story.
This gave me chills who knows how many times it could have been us in the accident if the right circumstances made us early or late. You did A great job with this and it has a very important message.
A great, exciting story, and one that should make us all take a second look at our own actions when under pressure, and also make us stop to thank our Savior, that He protects us when we are so undeserving. Loved this.
good story and so well told... my one niggle is that Miranda whispered "thank you Ken" as she was loaded onto the ambulance but the MC did not say that he had told her his name in the talk he had with her. A minor point but it jarred for me in the story especially as you emphasised how Ken had learn HER name.
i am picky arn't I !! but that jerked the smooth flow for me.
Having said that i stand by my first comments that this is a very good story

Good story. Well written, nice pace; it held my interest throughout. I enjoyed this and appreciated the point it made.
Congratulations on your first place win!
Great story! Something I will think about for a long time.