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I am happy for all the time you did get to spend with your mom. It sounds like depression might run in your family, like it does in mine.

Have you tried to talk to a therapist or pastor yourself? It might be a good idea to resolve some of the conflict you feel. I am glad you are trying to live in the present. I could see the love and compassion you felt for your mom throughout your piece.

God bless you.
so well written.this is full of poignant and real gems. If it is a true story i hope that writing is a therapeutic and cathartic experience for you. Keep writing as it is often the way to find expression of those mixed and conflicting issues.
It is definitel true! I wrote from what I feel and whats real. I have seen a therapist as well as been encouraged by fellow pastors and friends! I love to write and the best way for me to express myself is to do so!
God bless you for writing this. Accepting the facts is a great way to heal, and I am sure that your Mom would have some regrets if she were the one left. It seems that we all have regrets about loved ones that are gone, and we just have to recognize that we are human and prone to failure, but Christ literally raises us up. He loves us even when we fail. Someday we will have eternity to express all of our regrets, and be cheered on by the fact that they loved us so much that a lot of our regrets will have been totally unnoticed by them. Great job of writing this.