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This is a sweet story that shows how rewarding motherhood is but also warns of the difficulties of being a teen mom. I'm not totally sure what the Clue reference and the TV show Pretty Little Liars (BTW you misspelled liars) has to do with the story unless its a way of showing the MC losing part of her teen years. But you did a brilliant job with the characters and the dialog. And the more I think about it, I think the references to the TV show and the game could be a unique way to show that teen motherhood kills your childhood.
What a wonderful mom you must be! I can't imagine attempting to juggle so many things at one time.
Children are time consuming and sometimes motherhood is taken for granted. It requires our time and devotion- I liked how you showed the mom dealing with life and not letting her child down. God bless the mother who doesn't sacrifice her child's well being for her own wants. Keep writing, thank you for your story.
Tiara, you have a talent for wearing those shoes not yet walked in and drawing the reader into the MC's thoughts and actions. You did an excellent job of delicately showing the reality of hardships a single mother endures, yet you revealed how love truly does overcome such trials!

*Tid-bit Tip...Remember that "too much" of something has two "o's"...kinda like two people trying to go through a door at once, is too many! :)