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It is sad, how some people thrive on the unhappiness of others.

I bet the shawl was beautiful.
clever story and so many levels, the lovely relationship between grandma and child and the crochet and the gossip all time consuming in their own way.
I love your concept here. Some of the dialogue felt a little stilted - try reading it out loud to see if it flows like a normal conversation. Really great idea for this topic.
Ok, . . . no descriptives, no strong characterization, no moving storyboard . . . but, the dialogue brought me there, and made me listen, and come away from it all, with heart comforted by the visit. Oh, you know how to write alright . . . most certainly, you do. Keeping the dialogue, but adding more adjectives and adverbs . . . you know what I am saying . . . is going to put color to the canvass, and bring out brightly, the outline your dialogue has so deftly drawn.