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"Better," isn't always "better." How true! Enjoyed this tremendously.Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.
Very cute! I remember also, donning aprons so as not to get our clothes all wet. I scarsely know of a person who wears an apron anymore! Ha...yes, indeed, the "Good Old Days!" Nice work!
good thought and interesting and thought provoking to think of the BENEFITS of those time consuming chores.
There is so much truth in your story. I remember back to the times I helped my mom make the family meal. It was so good just to spend time talking to her and laughing when the food didn't turn out just right.

Always loved the "Good Old Days" Some times I think that all of our conveniences have just caused us more work in the end, and even more "time-consuming. So many things to wash off etc. I remember the old metal bathtub that we heated the water on the stove and took turns bathing. No carpets, just mop up the mess and move on. You did a great job of writing this
very cute story. I'm not a freak, but I still do dishes by hand by choice. I like to sing to the oldies while I do them.