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Loved this! "They" are all around us. I can't wait till the vail is lifted and we truly SEE what we've been missing. With writing like this, you'll be moving quickly through the ranks. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
Thought provoking piece. I really liked the line about being "times master, not its slave."

Very well written.
This is a beginner's piece? Wow. Very well written, although the number of speech tags might be lowered. Yet, the writing kept me glued to the page. Good job. Keep writing.
Your concept was good. There was a lot of telling here - your descriptions of his behavior told me he was a driven person who didn't like to be still, so I didn't need it spelled out in a sentence. Your characters are engaging. Good work.
i like the title and the content is quite quirky and clever. thanks for the original idea :-)
This was a great way to attack the challenge head on. I think that our world is absolutely too fast. Something, or someone needs to slow down. Very well done.
Really great idea and well written. You should be very proud of this!
Excellent piece--strong to the end. I loved the "angel" idea.
I really liked your concept and title. Especially like this line:

"Time is not your tool. It is your taskmaster."

Keep working on show vs tell and some of the other comments already made.

Nice job.
I really liked the story. I think with a few more, re-reads, and re-writes it would be perfect! Just regarding to puncuation and little tweeks. Really good message.
One word- beautiful!
Congratulations for placing 9th in level one and in the top 30 overall!