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this is a heartwarming story....
Well written and authentic. There is a warmth in the portrayal of the two friends. All's well that ends well as the Bard would say.
A lovely story and the voices were very authentic. God bless.
Very sweet, and I loved the way you tied in the theme! (I've taught "The Glass Menagerie to high school students, so it has a soft spot in my heart...)
I thoroughly enjoyed this walk through emotions and lives - a production in itself! Very Good!
Great job, Garnet! What a lovely story. Keep up the good work!
I love this story. Very touching at the end. Well done.
Great ending. I was able to guess who her "date" was, but I got excited when my guess was actually right.
Wonderful story, Garnet! I really enjoyed this so much!
I really liked this story. Good flow, dialogue, and loved the ending. Neat!
This was great! So enjoyable. When there's so many entries to read I rarely read one twice, but I'm about to read this one again. Keep writing!
Touching indeed!
Blue Roses — pleurosis, LOL. An enjoyable, well writtten story. Watch out for descriptions that set an expectation in the reader’s mind that is not appropriate to your character i.e. ‘feared and respected’ and ‘paw-like hands’ made me fearful for the girls.
Great dialogue...I felt like I was right in the room with the girls. Your transitions worked well between the broad span of time. I figured the dad would show up at some point -- too bad he missed out on so much of her life. Unfortunately, that's the case for many parents today. Good lesson on taking every opportunity to "be there" for our loved ones!
Blue Roses seemed to have come to full bloom in your story--How nicely written. Sweet idea and dream. God bless ya, littlelight