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Very interesting facts. And I so agree with your conclusion. And it's definitely good to know there can be life without texting (though I, for one, would definitely miss it - especially the I Love Yous from children and grandchildren. :) ). Thank you.
Very informative piece. I am also a fan of human history.
Very interesting and humourous read about the differences between the centuries. I really enjoyed reading this.
You make so many great points. I liked how you compared the past and present. I've often wondered what people would think if they were to visit today. A little helpful red ink, you don't need all of the exclamation points. Let your words show your excitement. Nice job in producing an article that makes the reader think.
Hello. For the past year, I've been a volunteer writer for my town's website. I write mostly about our town's history. One thing I've learned the hard way and thought I'd pass along is regarding research. I was curious about your interesting tidbit about first wireless phones. So I went to Wikepedia to learn more. Wikepedia said this man has been "proposed as a claimant for the invention of wireless..." but that this "conflicts with four documented patents...".
Be super careful when stating "firsts", etc... because you may find another source later that contradicts it. I've found so many sources that seemed to be "reliable" and later proved to have inaccurate info. Even tombstones can be inaccurate!
One way to protect yourself is just to state the fact in quotes, exactly how you found it, citing the source. Then, you can't be accused of interpreting something wrong.
Hope this makes sense. I LOVE finding the golden nuggets of history. I've just learned to make sure that what I find isn't "fools" gold before I write it!:)
i too like finding out about time gone by, i particularly like to know PEOPLES stories biographies diaries and letters. Your enthusiasm for this subject shines through and of course writing about something that inspires you is a great idea