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Thank you for pointing out that God is enough. We should always try to remember, we are formed in God's image, He knews us before we were born. He while we were yet sinners gave His precious Son for our sins. He is the only one we should ever seek approval from. He is the one in whom we find our worth in. We are treasured by Him perfectly. He has always loved each of us and longs to be in a true relationship with us. We are his beloved.
I was hoping this would end well, and it did!

This is TOTALLY personal opinion, but I think this might have been more effective if you had condensed it a bit. Long poems can be hard to read and comprehend at times. But then, in general, I'm not a big poetry person, so it may just be me. :)

I loved this over all, though! Keep writing!
It is so true that what ever we do on our own will never be enough. It is so wonderful that we can tap into the power of Christ.
This is so very well thought through. Your message fills the reader with hope and brings a smile.
A well expressed piece with a very clear and important message. Thanks for sharing this. God bless.