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As a "Wednesday child" I can well relate to that bit about the Wednesday child being "full of woe" and the negativity it can bring - if you believe it (my sister was born on a Sunday). It's amazing how much superstition you realize you've grown up with once you finally get a revelation of God's grace and unconditional love. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent thoughts on an old rhyme. Well written. Thanks for sharing.
This is great!
thank you for this... i wrote a "new poem" on this theme it is hidden in level two at moment... but not that hidden as the title will stand out.
i think this was a great subject to take that is spot on theme and it is interesting and informative in the way you have tackled it :-)
As a Wednesday child I've often wondered if my woes were a self-fulfilling prophecy or if there were something to those words. But the great thing is Jesus loves me woes and all! Nice take on the topic.
What a clever way to cover this weeks topic. To tell you the truth, I'm wondering what day of the week I was born.
Just a side note. When Mother Goose was written the word gay was not associated with homosexuality.