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This is a beautiful touching story about both the emotional and physical scars an abortion can leave. Nice job of filling-it into the topic.
a great story and i reckon you chose the name of your character carefully too after Naomis choice of name when she lost her sons and husband in the old testament book of Ruth.This adds to her devastation.
I think you were curtailed by the word count from describing more of her present predicament as you used them in the details of the original abortion which sadly led to her infertility.
i am glad you ended the tragic story with a slightly upbeat note of forgiveness. Lets hope that a mirical happens and these characters can be parents like the miracle God worked in the life of Naomi
A beautifully written story. As someone else said, the word count limited where you could go at the end, and I want to read more, such as what happens after she gets home. If you do extend the story, please PM me and let me know :-).
Regardless of the word count limit, you did a beautiful job with this - giving the reader needed and vital information. There isn't a thing that should have been left out. Plus you brought it to a brilliant conclusion given the limits in which you had to work.

It carries a very strong message and definitely deserves to win some recognition. But even if it doesn't - given all the amazing entries this week - it's still a wonderful piece of writing. Keep up the good work!
Wow, I recently watched a movie called Come What May and it was all about making a case for overturning Row in the Row vs Wade case. Good work.
Sensitively written. This hot emotional topic needs to be addressed, just as you have. I pray God will use this to benefit, educate, and bring forgiveness into their lives and homes.