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What an intense piece. We can all relate to this, I'm sure, what with those areas that we struggle in and are defeated in. We know deep down that God is our only hope. Thanks for this realistic struggle of a Christian in defeat.
good one and applicible to many different types of addictions and phobias.
you have captured the emotional rollercoaster well
I liked this a lot. You touched on a subject we all can relate to and unfortunately this addiction is one that is often magnified in Christian circles via the potluck. You did a good job.
This is a good analogy of howmany different types of addiction's can really control us. Nice job.
I too have an addiction to sugar. It really does create a self-imposed prison.

I am glad that God is there to listen to me at all times, so I'm never truly alone. Although my feelings may tell me otherwise.

Thank you for sharing your
struggles. I will be praying that God will give you a renewed sense of peace and direction.
Thank you for presenting this subject. I, too, am a sugar addict, and it's miserable. You expressed the agony I feel many times. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
congratulations on your placing with this piece> I notice that you have also ranked high overall. Keep up the standard and you will soon be into the next level :-)