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Ooh, this is a chillingly realistic story. It's very well-written, with a wonderful message of hope. Great job!
This was a good entry. The only suggestion I can think to offer is about the paragraph expressing her fear of her odds. It doesn't need the second sentence because it just reapeats the same idea as the last one which is phrased better. Everything else sounded great.
This is beautifully done! I went through the exact same procedures not long ago, and experienced all of those emotions. Wonderfully written story.
An incredible story of fear and hope. I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!
Very, very good. I was held from start to finish. Beautifully told. God bless.
You've used a painful and confusing experience to show how God is always there. So realistic - I'm not sure if the tears in my eyes are from remembering the pain of the procedure or from your beautifully told story (I suspect both). Well done.
Even in the most unlikely places, God can be found. When we least expect it, He shows up. That is nice to know. You seem to have more than a passing knowledge of the procedure mentioned. Nice article. Well developed:)
Loved your opening para. It really got my attention. Also liked the way you interspersed the procedure and your character's fears and misunderstanding about God really well with her gradual reading and aceptance of the message poster. Yeggy
Hope in the midst of storm and firm ground to plant our feet on. Good story! I enjoyed it.
Great entry, Teri, and description of how God enlightens the lost to feel His hope. Have you or someone you love had a biopsy or nodule removal procedure? My sister-in-law had part of one breast removed 4 years ago, but I did not see it done. It didn't sound too comfortable, and of course, the waiting for results would be the most difficult anyway, I would think. May God bless you as you continue to write for Him. In His name, Karen
Terri, congatulations on your 2nd place in the Level 1 Awards, AND your 5th place in the Editors' Choice. I was very impressed with your entry. I thought it was wonderful. It had the potential to be a sob-story, but you avoided presenting it in an overly emotive way. It was just enough to catch the reader and hold on to the end. Well done! Definitely time for you to move up to Level 2!

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Found this as I was browsing FW. Wonderful story! I love the realism of the old faded poster--I've seen many of those on medical ceilings.