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As a reader, you pulled me right in with the first line. You made great use of the senses bringing this piece to life. I felt you gave just enough information from the past to give us a glimpse of the marital relationship and still managed to keep the story moving. I'd certainly like to know the rest of the drama this story holds! Great job!
very well written, great description of the shadows and the night time on the porch and a surprise in the ending :-)i was captivated by the story, there is little i could think of to better it; perhaps if i was to be real picky i would say perhaps think of an alternative title. I know the peice is about the relationship between Jake and Julia so there is nothing wrong with it as it stands :-)
Loved it! I had to look back at the top to make sure I was really in the Beginner category...:) You did great!
Aside from the Ho Hum title,
you've written a great story.

The narrative flowed easily from one scene to the next. I was very impressed with how you brought the story to an anti-climax, then pulled back to pack the final punch.

It's always great to have to wonder what happened next.
A marvelous telling of a common scenario. It could have been SO cliche but your spin and writing made it sparkle. Have your title reflect that talent as well!You left me wanting the story to continue so thats "SCORE!"
Fabulous! Are you sure you're only in Level 1? This was very well-written and kept my attention all the way through. I loved the ending with its hope of reconciliation. Great job!
This was a very good story that really held the reader's interest. I would have liked a more intriguing title. I almost skipped reading it,but I am so glad that I did read it.
"a single candle sent shadows of her life dancing across the room" Loved that part!
Friendship is such an important part of anyone's life.

Congratulations on your 3rd place finish, it was well deserved.
Congrats Candace, great job!