The Official Writing Challenge
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LOL! So true. I agree, wished there was such a thing.

To make reading easier, it looks nicer when you give an extra space between paragraphs.

I like the chatty tone used in this article! Keep on writing.
So true and so funny. Loved the tone and clarity of your writing. Merry Christmas
I love this hysterical idea!

You have A wonderful sense of humor. Everyone has had
an oops moment or two.

My only suggestion might be to make your examples even funnier.

You did a great job with the topic keep writing!
i like it.... that foot in mouth moment :-)
I love this! I would gladly pay good money for a stupid alarm (though in a day or two the noise would get pretty annoying).

Well written- nice flow, and fun to read! Keep writing!
You have a great sense of humor, and the ability to write well. Both will go a long way in life. Shalom :)