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I enjoyed this. I remember playing this game when I was young. Good lesson too. Keep writing.
You did a great job of connecting your example to the Bible story of the communication breakdown that changed the world. Your summary thoughts were right on target also. God Bless and Merry Christmas!
You did a very good job of explaining your thoughts in this devotional. I like the conclusion you came to and it is well written. Merry Christmas
This is a great devotion. I liked how you showed an example that everyone can relate.
we always used to call this game Chinese whispers and it was a real fun game often played at children's parties.... a good example of miscommunication. I like the way you expand it to develop a Christian message
Performing that exercise in a multicultral group must have been interesting indeed! Good devotion
You've definitely moved way beyond "Beginners." This is an excellent devotional with the message demonstrated clearly.
Real nice. Great intro. and take-away power point at the end.
Alright, Barb!!! Time for Intermediate! :D
So proud of you, Barb. Congratulations on your 1st Place and your PROMOTION!!!
God Bless.
Barbara! Congrats on your placing. I knew this was a winner when I read it the first time. :o)
CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow! What a great analogy! Love the structure and the lesson in this piece! Well done!!
Congratulations, Barbara. Your teaching/supervisory skills shine through on this. It is well written, concise, but most importantly, seems to be written from the heart. No wonder it won!
Congratulations Barb...WAY TO GO! Yep...devotionals are definitely what I hear God calling you to write!! :)

This left me with good thought pondering tidbits to digest. Amen.
Barb I'm so glad you didn't give up on writing because you do have A lot of talent! I'm doing my happy dance for you! You'll be in level 3 in no time-mark my words!
I've played this in English, ASL, and art/drawing. So funny. In real life I "play" the game with my hard-of-hearing dad every single day, ha. Great point, well written, and congrats on the level placement!
onwards and upwards ... well done
There you go! First place! No excuses now for moving up...! Superb!
Barb, I loved your story. Definitely takes me back in time and really drives the lesson home. Congrats on your win!
Congratulations on a first place and moving on up. There is nobody I know who has grown so much in their writing and confidence. I pictured the game we used to call "Telephone" and the players. I see you used this three ways, 1. as an example to your staff about communication, 2. as a Faithwriter story. 3. To remind us all to keenly listen to God's correct instruction for our lives. Thank you Barb.
What a well written piece. I can't imagine a better example of communication gone awry. I also liked the humor.

Congratulations on your placing. I hope I get to read more of your writings.