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I like how you point out in this devotional, that when there is a breakdown in communication between God and man, it is ALWAYS the fault of man. Keep writing!
You did a great job with this devotion. Your scripture reference was wonderful. I would have enjoyed seeing a personal experience about when you had a miscommunication with God, but overall great job!.
Informative and interesting devotional entry. Thanks for writing and Merry Christmas.
30 years ago, on Christmas eve, I was on duty in the Persian Gulf during the Iran hostage crisis. It was my first Christmas away from home, ever. That night as I looked at the same skies that the shepherds, wisemen and even Joseph and Mary the Lord reminded me that He too had left His heavenly home. He too was in "hostile territory" and far from the all that He had ever known.

I was also then reminded that He would stop at nothing and go to any length to bring us back into His family. For me, that's the message of Christmas and that is the message you communicated quite well in your article.
Your devotional quite adequately revealed God's plan of communication with man. However,with the exception of a few references, I'm not sure if it adequately zeroed in on the topic. I loved your obvious grasp of scripture, and with the exception of a few extraneous commas, your writing style was clear and direct. When possible, try to connect your paragrahs with a transitional statement. Ex: Para.5 "After 6000 year, when the prophecy was fulfilled....." Also, consider connecting your closing statement with your opening statement. This helps to keep your piece from appearing as a series of disconnected ideas.

Ex: Para.7 "Let us remember that centuries ago the Scriptures(Prophets) foretold His....

Thanks for reminding us of God's persistent love for mankind.