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Interesting! At first I couldn't understand why the MC didn't want to reveal that she was, in fact, widowed, not divorced, as David assumed. But by the end of the story I understood how that refusal gave her confidence in a future she couldn't see yet. Very good writing!
Great job with interesting characters. You held my attention the whole way through.
Your story is very interesting and well written. I noticed one typo, but it didn't cause a major problem. I like the ending and it is rang true for me. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
quite a clever twist to this story. I liked the way it all seemed to be going SO well and i was thinking.... where is the communication breakdown here..... and than it came so abruptly. I too understand how "loss" can be a conversation stopper but in the UK we would often use that expression... loss when someone dies .... and so would probably not be misunderstood in the same way... i was kinda hoping that the miscommunication would be resolved and there would be another daye :-) so shows how well you painted the characters. A great job
The first two paragraphs almost turned me off. I kept thinking....more dialogue, please. So glad I kept reading. Your subtle, deliberate approach to the topic impressed me. I,too, would love to have known David's response once he discovered his misinterpretaion. Well written.Thanks for a great story.
Congratulations for placing in the top 7 of your level!