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This was a fun read! I did the same thing(way too much flour) with molasses cookies!

You sure were right on topic!
I really enjoyed your story. That is so funny! I have all boys who have all taken after their father and you have to say exactly what you mean to them.
This was a delightful read. You are a very gifted writer and held my attention all the way through with your vivid and realistic descriptions. Great job!
What a delight! Your self-deprecating humor was wonderful. I found myself laughing at your escapades!
Well written, interesting, funny and on topic. What else is there to say. Good job. Merry Christmas.
Hilarious! I chuckled through the entire description of the childhood memory. Clever and cute.
Fun story. It reminds me of myself (then and now), barging ahead while trying to follow the instructions, all the while knowing that it absolutely cannot be right. Nicely told - great job!
a lovely story and about shared childhood memories that often help us when we meet people who have become "strangers" through adulthood.
I would have liked a little more at the end to round it up back to the adults as they were now but well written :-) thanks
Nicely written! This was a very funny and poignant article and the best part is that it's true. As I finished reading I couldn't help but think that, with some expansion, this would make a great movie.
Wow! Level One? ...Not for long. Great beginning, excellent narrative and well executed close. A real attention grabber. Your writing skills sparkle.