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I heard a statement once that we bring our children up the best way we can and live with the rest.


I would like to say to you Bring our children up before God and pray for them and live with them through prayer.

Such a tough situation. But you are RIGHT to not approve. Praying you handle the situation with the grace that can come only from God.
This piece was obviously written from the heart. I do sympathize; we've all felt this same way.

When I write about something I feel strongly about, I do my best. This was very well written. Good job and thank you for sharing.
Good job writing the struggle of parenthood. It's so hard, but thank God we have the power of prayer. I felt your angst. Keep writing.
My daughter has made a similar decision. It is hard when we think we've taught them one way and the lesson may not have been understood. She was very worried that I would be disappointed or mad in her. I explained I love her deeply and she has to make her own choices. She's done a fantastic job so far and she will make mistakes alone the way but as long as I keep loving her and encourage her to continue to go to church read her Bible and pray about each decision I know she'll be okay. You did a great job showing how hard it is to be a parent. I didn't always listen to my mom either and there are times I wish I could do over. It's a tough job but worth every bit of heartache and worry. Keep praying and loving her. Thanks for sharing.
Stick to your morals in your home! In her home, go by her rules or stay away and that's what she should do in your home. Love her, yes, always. Pray for her. Let her know you don't approve of her lifestyle...Great writing. Congratulations on HC