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a lovely humorous/serious piece of writing and the "foreignness"
of a new experience. i really enjoyed your writing style
I liked the content.It needed something but I cannot put my finger on it.

Also I think when you put a number in a sentence I think it should be in word form not in the number (3)

Beginners comment.
The language of love is the easiest language to understand. You did a great job getting that message across. Job well done!
"What fun, when the bus headed for Cherkassy, and made a stop where there were a few trees, waving his arms"

Waving who's arms? The bus driver's arms? I think you maybe skipped a word which is easy to do when you're typing fast...

Also, when writing numbers, write them out: 3 is three.

Otherwise this is an good interesting story that was engaging and fun to read. Thanks for sharing it!