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As a mother of five daughters that are now grown. I relate to this story and thank God we didn't end up like your story. Now that I am a grandmother and older my patients is much more mature and my driving stays within the limits. To those always in a hurry, this story is so powerful and life is gone in a flash. You can't take back your loved ones who have gone on to be with the Lord. So slow down! Enjoy every moment, even when pressed for time.
Thank you for your story! Keep up the good work!
Wow this is such a powerful story. It broke my heart that Mommy wasn't able to take the time and really listen to her precious little angel. The ending was dramatic and so sad, bit that is what life is like. It's often easy to see how our mistakes can hurt us, but we often forget about the ripple effect how the pain ripples and changes every life in the pond.

Your characters were delightful. Even the mother could be many of the mothers who drive down my roads everyday.

The ending was harsh but it really needed to be. I wouldn't be surprised if this story saves more lives than you can imagine.

It's beautiful and so sad but such an important message. Every parent who drives should read this.
This was well-done, even though I felt sure of the outcome, or the accident, at least. The outcome was worse than I expected, and I was overtaken with tears. Great story writing.
oooooo my gosh a gripping story and so sad an ending. I really like the way you portrayed the characters. I enjoyed reading this
Congratulations on your beautiful 2nd place ribbon. You did an outstanding job on this one!!! It was a tough topic but you handled it so well!!!