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This was a good story with a good take away. The only thing was it felt a little rushed, maybe more showing than telling could of helped. But just my thoughts, but overall a great job and thanks for sharing! :) This could be a great as a devotional.
This is my favorite type of devotional. The little story really gets you in to the application. Well done.
I had a similar thing happen to me It's amazing how God watches out for us. I liked how you told your story making it so many could relate to it then showing how it fits into our walk with Jesus.

I noticed you switched tenses a couple of times. This can be really easy to do, once you start looking for it in your proofing you'll catch it easily.

You did a really good job of pulling me into the story. I wanted to keep reading and make sure you made it home;). I really enjoyed the last paragraph. You told a good story with great advice.