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A very nice letter, and one that I can identify with. As a young mother, I was flooded with advice, and found myself on my knees so many times, just pleading for God's guidance. God is good, and I am proud of that little baby girl, and she has reached 60 yrs. in age.
a lovely piece and full of things that many can relate to....including me.:-)
It is a long article and if you space your paragraphs it will make for easier reading. Look forward to reading more about how this young mum gets on..... remember that in babies crying itself is a form of so dont worry if she cries
Wow! What a wonderful take on body language! I'll bet every mother can indentify with your article. We mothers want to do everything right but often haven't a clue. The problem is that each child has a different personality and is not an extension of us. I have four kids and nine grandkids so I know this to be true.
If this is a true story, what a great keepsake for your child to have when she becomes a mother! Without reading the title, I would not at the beginning realize this was a letter. Perhaps, some sort of salutation would correct that. Ex. Dearest...

Did you mean to use "I" and "her" in the first sentence of the second paragraph. I was somewhat confused about that, as well, as in another section where you used "I" and "Your." As someone has already noted, space your paragraphs for easier reading.

Sounds like you've learned an invaluable lesson to pass along to your child. Keep writing
This is beautiful. You are so right it is tough beings mother and it takes time to learn your baby's cues but love is the best thing you can do. Every parent makes mistakes and learns as the child grows. This is a beautiful love letter.
This is a piece I think every mother can relate to. I remember well how much I relied on other people's well meaning advice those days, regret taking their words way too seriously, and by God's grace have learned that every mom makes mistakes. All we can do is try to listen to that "still small voice" and go from there. Thank you this message!
Your letter is full of familiar things to all mothers I'm sure. I would suggest using a space between paragraphs to make reading easier. I enjoyed this. Thanks.
Congratulations on your placing in level 1. You did a great job