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Very well written. You expressed the feelings of many Americans! Last year, we were in New York and viewed ground zero, and it was overwhelming to recall all of the hysteria and calling upon God, and how soon many have forgotten the most important part of 9-11. I am sure that God is speaking to America.
Powerful writing! I was taken right back to that day. We live in NJ and know many personally affected by 9/11. I especially liked that you mentioned that you flew the flag and wore the t-shirts. I remember when flags were everywhere after 9/11. Thanks for taking me back to a day we can't forget.
What a riveting article! You really captured the role of media in our lives and how many times it can be very difficult to tell the difference between fantasy and reality on TV - at least at first glance. The way you worded this piece really drew me in. Good job!
I've read many accounts of what people were doing on that day. Yours was very riveting.
This brought all the horror back. You did an excellent job of describing your emotions. This is an excellent example of how the media has changed the way we get the news and feel like we are right there.

You did use several exclamation points that I don't think you needed. Your words were so strong and effective the exclamation points almost weakened them.

I've read over half of the entries and this is the first one I've read about that infamous day. You did an excellent job!
Great title, catchy beginning, and a captivating story.
I would leave out the two
"to stands" - one before the mirror and the other before the television.
"Made my way to the bathroom mirror," and "Rushed towards the television," in my opinion,leaves out unnecessary wording. Always a good thing!
I still remember that morning like yesterday. You wrote what so many felt that September morning. Good job.