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This is so well written and heart warming. If this is a true story, you are raising a very fine young man. Thanks for sharing.
What a beautiful description of what I am sure that many people feel, and the sweet little guy is pretty typical of a childs heart. That is why God has told us "Unless you become as a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. More wisdom in those little ones hearts. Great Story.
You put me "in the moment" with the wife, waiting for the email. Reading this the day after Veteran's Day gave it a special meaning (and high-lighted some of the challenges the families face.) Very nice work!
This is just beautiful. I have tears in my eyes and can easily picture the whole scene. Beautiful story!
I love how her son gave her a message. It was so unexpected. You did a great job on such a thoughtful, meaningful story.
You did a good job of writing with this story. So touching, sounded so real, the unexpected jesture of the little boy, the raw emotions of the mother all worked to make this enjoyable. Good job.
Very well written and such a lovely story. Hope you continue to enjoy your writing as much as I enjoyed reading this.
Your concept is excellent and your MC's voice is strong. Because it is first person, try thinking of ways you think and experience things - do you think "I feel sad" or do you experience it with a pang? Words like "feel" and "think" can distance a reader in first person.

Overall, a very strong story.
Thank you for a very heartwarming story. The characters were very well written. The email from the son was a special touch to the story.
Absolutely loved the title, very appropriate for the story. Great story line, with suspense and surprise, two winning combinations. You got my attention, and kept it.
Indeed, a lovely story.

I wondered about the snuggling into the sweater. I think of snuggling as re-wrapping it around yourself, not putting it on. Since she just got out of bed, she would be in her sleewear-right?

Beautiful story- I could see a child doing something like that!
Great job describing the action, the MC's emotions, and keeping my attention. Such a sweet story! My only red ink: Don't feel you have to tie everything up in a bow at the end - I felt it may have gone on a bit too long. This was well written and engaging story of a military wife's day.
You really touched me. Anointed and real. You can write!!!!!!!!!!! Keep'em coming.
Congratulations on your great placing! Keep up the fantastic job !