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I love your opening sentence! It's the perfect attention-grabber. Good job with showing the story through dialog as well. I felt so bad for poor Michelle. :( She had wonderful advice for Jan and was a great model for what a true friend should be like.

I also liked the thought of making people who gossip wear goofy masks. Gave me a chuckle. Then we'd know who to stear clear of. ;)

Great writing!
You did a nice job telling an interesting story while showing an important message
How true an anology of the harmfulness of gossip. Lord help us all to control our tongues!
I really like it when devotionals or 'teaching' entries start with a story, as this did. It makes the lesson so much more palatable.

Work on making your dialogue sound more realistic, less stilted.

Thanks for sharing from your own experience--a good read.
I loved your last paragraph! So true!