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Wow! What a wonderful job of getting the real facts of gossip across. We all make judgements when we do not have all the facts. What a great way of expressing this!
Wow what a lesson. I'm guilty of not reading titles and in this case I'm glad I skipped over yours or I might have figured Ricky was sick. I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach when I learned that. You did a great job!
What a tearjerker! Every now and then you see a story about a disabled athelete on the news, and they're always inspriring.

I did feel that the coach should have told everyone about Ricky--first of all, because of liability issues, and secondly, to give the team and their parents the opportunity to show grace to him.

Great title, and moving story.
A very moving story that sounds like real life. We can get in trouble quickly when we are passionate about something. Today sports seems to be a passion that brings out the worst more often than the best. I'm glad your story ended with the best coming out.
I'm reading this while sitting at basketball tryouts...with tears in my eyes. Thank you for a reminder that we should show a little grace to others for we never know their circumstances.
Congratulations on your highly commended story.