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This was good, but I would have enjoyed it more if specific people were not named. (I realize it was a group that was named but would seem to be better if the gossipers were not pointed out, I feel. You certainly use some great reasoning and solid scripture which I appreciated. God bless you.
I really enjoyed the visual picture of the majestic Redwood falling when the moth gets under it's bark. What a great analogy just a little bug of gossip can fell the mighty.
Keep writing. That is how we all get there.

I have a lot of trouble when paragraphs are not double spaced. To help you you can preview your page before it is submitted.

If you are not happy with it you can close the window and edit before submitting.
Your object lesson with the redwoods is excellent!

Polish up a few things like paragraph spacing and a few minor capitalization errors, and this would be a great Bible study for a small group.
Congratulations on your highly commended story.
I loved, loved , loved the title, Shanta, and the entry blessed my socks off. Great work.