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A great job of communicating the horrible results of gossip.
You make some really good points in the letter. However it did feel a bit judgemental rather than 100% loving which I can see may have been a way to emphasis your point. We are to approach others with the love Jesus shows us. This is a great message. Be careful about using your real name in the letter if you did. All in all a great job. Keep writing.
Keep writing. I found it a bit hard to read. But that could be just me. Different writers love different things to read. I agree to keeping real names out, that is if you did. But all in all a good job.
If I were struggling with a friend, this is the type of letter that I'd like to think I'd write.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments. I thank God for guiding me to this website and I am grateful for all the new knowledge I have acquired so far. I look forward to learning more and improving my writing skills. I just want to let everybody know that my letter was fictional. This things happen in real life experiences and l was not trying to judge anybody. I was just writing to the topic. I do not have a friend named Kayla.
It may be fictional, but it is heart-felt. Confronting someone you love about the sin of gossip is difficult at best. Blessings to you.