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Great job, and how true to life. Hopefully this will help us all to see the dangers in repeating anything we hear or even that we see, because we often misinterpret the things that we see. Good job of making it plain!
Very clever and it made me laugh. It reminds me of that gossip game that's played at parties. Good job!
SO well done! And I almost giggled in some places - except I've heard so much that's almost the same as this, that the truth loses its humor.
Great writing!
That last line is the clincher! I loved it.
This would be an example how to mind one's business lol. Seriously good play on what can happen in gossip time.
This is almost like that old game of 'telephone' that we all used to play!

I found a few of the misunderstandings a bit of a 'stretch'--but taken as broad farce rather that realistic conversation, it really works.

Very funny read.
So funny and so true to life. I have a husband and a father who are hard of hearing. I'm the translator and boy do I understand how things can go so wrong so quick. I liked this from beginning to end. Thanks.
Very funny. I especially liked the ending. Mary definitely told more than she heard!