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I could so relate to the MC. When my mom died I felt like my dad died that same day. It's been 17 years and although I've reached out to him, he prefers his new wife. You did an outstanding job describing the pain of the MC.
You did an excellent job describing the inner turmoil of your MC. Great pacing as well - good work!
Good job addressing the topic. My favorite line was: pulling the words from my heart.

red ink: I got hung up on words that could be contractions to show more natural conversation. If you read your entries out loud before you submit, it's easier to catch them. I used to struggle with this a lot. It also helps with word count. ;)

Keep writing and submitting to the challenge. It is an awesome avenue to pull the words from your heart.
I enjoyed reading your entry. Excellent job!
My heart was breaking for your MC throughout this piece, but the ending made me feel better, as it did her. Good job with this story - a few minor glitches, but I enjoyed this story SO much!
Such a beautiful story You have real inner conflict with your MC on something that almost everyone can relate to.
You have the same issue I have though: a few missed errors but I find people often tell me there is errors but do not tell me where so I can learn. I won't do that with you. But please don't be offended as I loved your entry.

The sun shines intensely through the window so intensely hurting my eyes. I turn away from the mesmerizing hills back to the stark white paper glaring at me.

I'd get rid of one of the intensely. Two in such a short sentence is not needed. Weakens the effect of both of them.

"write the stupid letter", but my heart breaks at the thought of pulling the words from my heart.

By far my favourite part. Such a descriptive piece of prose. Loved the image it gives in my mind: one of struggle, extreme effort. etc.

With a deep breath, I pick up my purple pen and write “Dear George”

"" indicate direct speech, not something written.

He was my biological father. My dad is the man who raised me.
You need a closing " for this piece of direct speech.

What if I write and tell him it was insensitive to call me the day after I buried my mother and tell me how bad he felt for the way he had treated her.

This is a Question so you need a question mark not a period.

I am not finding peace and love. I am finding hatred for the man who gave me life.

You need a closing "for this direct speech.

Anyway, that's all I could find on first glance. I'd need to mark it up on a hard copy to find the rest (if there are any more) Actually, maybe I should take my own advice and do that with my work. lol
Very effective use of repetition in prose--I don't see that done well very often. Good job!
You did a great job of showing the MC working through years of agony over her "father", and you left your readers with the hope of healing,forgiveness and reconciliation.
Isn't it amazing how therapeutice wroting those types of letters are?
Great job of showing.