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Your story was written at the perfect time, with Veteran's Day only a couple of weeks away. This is a great reminder that we should pray for those serving on our behalf as well as remembering the sacrifice of the families.

The letter was sweet. I don't think you needed the disclaimer at the end. Again great message and reminder.
I found this story very moving. I don't think we Americans really understand what happens to families whose mother or father are in a foreign country for sometimes as long as eighteen months. I pesonally know families who after months aren't even close to getting back to normalcy they had before his/her deployment. I enjoyed your story. blessings...
>b>VERYgood story! I was deeply touched and even moved to tears by the ending. The grammar used for the eight year old boy was a special touch and very genuine.
What a wonderful surprise!

A small note: always capitalize the word "Bible", as it is the title of a book. There were some other small errors in the non-letter part of the story that could stand some quick edits.

A heart-warming story that is very appropriate for this time of year.
You completely captured an 8-year-olds thoughts here. This warmed my heart! Very nice!
I really liked this. Heartwarming. Kids can write the best letters. Good job.
Oh, wow, this story is SO good! Besides the awesomely sweet letter, I especially like the ending - the soldier being surprised by his pen pal waiting for him.
Great story that shows the power of love in a life.
Alright! Congrats on getting Highly Commended, Tiara! :D Way to go, Terror. ;)