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This was great! I chuckled throughout. The ending left me with a big smile. Nice job.
Loved it. Very original. Nothing I could see that actually needed red ink. Someone with more skill might be able to help.
This is so funny! Some of the phrasing felt a little off - or not in keeping with the delightfully quirky MC's voice. Overall, great creativity here!
How frustrating to lose sleep like that, yet garbage guys gotta do what garbage guys do. The ear plugs were the right solution.

red ink: To make things flow more natural and save word count, try to use contractions for things like I am (I'm).

I like the change from frilly to firm in the paper/ink choices. :)
Your personality is showing here...trying to be nice in getting your point across. I was not surprised to know they weren't even reading it. Your solution was a perfect ending for this clever piece.
Very clever and original! Also, something every reader can relate to and therefore feel your plight right along with you while reading. You expressed much more patience then I would have! :)
Very entertaining!
I love this! You showed the reality of "You can't fight City Hall." Very entertaining and true-to-life. Great job.
Very creative take on the subject. I can relate to the timing of the trash company on my day off. Loved your title, good job.
From the title to the fluffing of the pillow, this was great. Poor lady, I feel so sorry for her. Sweetness and light doesn't always work...then again, when dealing with bureaucracy, nothing usually does. Fun take on the topic Barb.
What a creative, entertaining "take" on this week's topic. You go, girl!
I loved this! What fun! The neon orange cans made me laugh, and I love how she ended up with neon orange earplugs instead. Great story!
Ha! Just like a company -- sending out identical letters no matter what the problem. (Of course, not all companies have such little regard for their customers, but I'm sure many act just like in this story ...)

Love the orange ear-plugs as a opposed to orange trash containers! :)

Awesome job with this one!
Great read! I giggled when I read the 2nd letter from the trash company - identical to the first. (My husband sleeps with ear plugs in - he has a neon-orange stash in his nightstand drawer.) :)
Oh, what a super take on the topic! This is a riot and I love how you got the phone numbers inserted in your entry! LOL!
I think I just realized something. I have Skype on my computer, it has the phone numbers high-lighted with a little US flag at one side and another symbol at the other. I "thought" you put it in your entry, but now I think Skype transformed your numbers. :) It looks pretty cool!
Congratulations for placing 8th in level 1! This was one of my favorite stories this week :)
The progression of the story is perfect. Love the ending solution, ear plugs are a good thing!