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And God says, "You haven't seen anything yet -- the best is yet to come." Thanks for the reminder that he helps us overcome our mistakes and to grow closer to Him.
You make a couple of really great points. First if we do donate we shouldn't expect anything in return. Second that God uses us in ways we cannot imagine. Thanks for the messages.
Wow--what a shocker!

I'd have liked to read the contents of the letter, even if you had to re-create them, and to have some dialogue, perhaps between you and the boss. Those things would liven up the read.

I'm glad that you prayed for the missionaries, and I hope that letter wasn't indicative of their ministry style!

Wow, a pretty rude and heartbreaking letter to be received by someone who only sought to give out of Christian love and good intentions. :( You kinda wonder what is going on in some people's minds.
Nice lesson. I enjoyed it.
You've presented a wonderful lesson. This line stood out in my heart---"Reaction from others may not stem from what we have done. The reaction could be what someone else has done or what they think has been done to them." A GREAT reminder. Thank you!