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You told an exciting tale. I'm eager to read what happens next. You did a nice jobshowing the sisters' dialog and setting the scene. Make sure you hit the preview buttonbefore you hit submit that'll show you the glitch with the italics. Nice job.
Your title was a great hook! Loved the journey these two sisters are on.

Really good writing here!
I like the little details (like the bowl of popcorn) that make this story seem true to life.

It read more like a middle chapter in a longer work than a complete short story; I'd have liked some sort of closure. What does knowing about their ancestry imply for these characters? Incidentally--those who were accused of witchcraft in the trials are generally considered now to have been innocent. I'd like to have seen that acknowledged--maybe that's what they'll discover in France!

Agreeable characters and a mood of adventure make this a pleasant read.
Your writing skills are evident. I don't see you staying in beginners for very long at all. Your story is a novel in the making. Would love to see you take it further.
What an interesting idea. It does sound like a chapter in book, what with the ending. I enjoyed reading it. Good job!