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I love your story and the message. I would suggest using separate paragraphs for actual conversation so that the dialogue is not lost in the narrative.
This is a great story. I'm so glad he decided to work harder at his marriage.

Just a couple of editing notes- make sure you start a new paragraph for each speaker. Doubling spacing between paragraphs can help too. I also noticed the second time you used the word compliment I think you wanted the one that is spelled complement.

This is the perfect true love story and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
This is a P.S. for you and all Beginner Level challengers. I hope you have time to read some of the Master Level submissions. There's a lot to learn from your fellow FWs. I'm sure they won't mind.:-)
This went a different dierection than I expected--that's a good thing!

Your writing shows considerable potential. A small thing not previously mentioned: ellipses are typically only three dots, and should be used very sparingly.

I like the way your approached the topic here.
Wonderful story with such a good message. I agree with the above comments on the spacing. Just for easier reading. Good work!
Good story and great ending! It would be more readable with spaces and change of paragraphs for the dialogue, but is basically very "on topic" and I enjoyed it.
Congratulations for placing10th in your level!